IMMUNOVITES is founded by pharmacists and collaborated with physicians.  To bridge the gaps between patients and physicians our platform centers on the premise of "CLEAN" Dietary Supplements.  What do we mean by that? 

Taking time to understand SUPPLEMENT FACTS Boxes and reading about the “Other Ingredients”, one can quickly start to understand that there needs to be a better way.  Taking Dietary Supplements is a choice, but the products currently on the market are riddled with excessive fillers, excipients and add-ins that could have been avoided. BUT this requires extensive amounts of cost and testing to make formulations that flow well and are stable.

IMMUNOVITES is dedicated to bringing niche products for patients and doctors looking for the best.  Creating formulas with purity and reliability with doses that make sense.  Uncomplicating the labeling and helping patient get what they need by taking the guesswork and doubt out of the equation is our goal. 

All of our products are manufactured in the USA and independently validated and tested by 3rd party labs. Patrons can buy products with the satisfaction of knowing that every supplement  is manufactured in an FDA cGMP compliant inspected facility.  Each batch is tested and validated for accuracy.  Our in house Quality team additionally audits facilities to ensure that our standards are met and/or surpassed.

This is your body, take back control, because you deserve the best!